Worked together, got a lot done #Projects #Kids

A couple of weeks ago, after one of my posts where I talked about the grind of the daily and weekly cleaning, my father offered some sage advice which amounted to make the kids do more. I will admit that is something we have gradually been working on. We are not to the point that I was for example, but we are getting there. And this weekend we put some of that practice to work.

I had a list of things I wanted to get done this weekend. Like most weekends. And we got to most of those. And we got there by putting the kids to work. Making them accountable for their own stuff to some extent. I also managed to get in some time for my own stuff.

Due to the 3 day weekend, the little ones got in some sleepovers and a play date. So they had plenty of fun. So it was not a question of being forced to slave away all weekend. But they still had to do their part.

Sunday morning specifically I used the whiteboard to just outline what each child needed to do that day and even work out a schedule for it. And that worked out pretty well, letting them know in advance all that they had to do. It was kind of like the Montessori concept of assigning works to do each day.

What all did we get done? We did a deeper cleaning of the main rooms in the house than I normally get done on the weekend. We got all the laundry done and put away. We got the rec room cleaned up, so when the rains come if there is flooding we at least will not be worried about random trash and toys getting in the way of the cleanup, or things being ruined by the moisture. And we got Danny’s science fair project finished and put together to take to school today. I am pretty happy with all of that. And the kids did their part in getting all that done.

In between all of that we had some fun as well. I watched a number of TV shows. We enjoyed a birthday party for my cousin’s daughter. We enjoyed some quiet time as well. And last I was able to do some work on a project I had in mind.

In keeping with my goal of being more crafty and working more with better materials I had been looking at nice wooden dice boxes. At least until my good friend at Sidgl comes up with a solution. Last week I decided to just get an inexpensive box at the craft store and decorate it. But nothing there really met my needs. Then I remembered that I had a box at home that might work. This is an old wooden cigar box that I inherited from my older brother Dan, and have no idea where he got it from. I have kept it around for years, occasionally using it as a pen box. So I decided to redecorate it and add some bells and whistles to use as a nice dice box (I prefer boxes to bags.) Here is what I ended up with:


I added some felt to the inside, and as you can see it holds plenty of dice.


I thought about going all the way with stripping it and staining it but decided that it was not that high of quality wood. So getting a nice metallic spray paint did a fine job of jazzing it up. The only drawback is there is no latch to hold it closed. I spent a while playing with some magnetic tape on Saturday but that just did not work, the magnet was not strong enough and it would not close properly. I still have some other ideas that I might use. But for now that will work, and I can just use some string or a rubber band to hold it shut while transporting. But I feel better about using this that the plastic container I was using before. And it will do until I see what Sidgl comes up with.

It was a productive weekend. It had plenty of fun moments. And we got the children to do their part in keeping the house and yard clean.




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