Odd how excited I am about this #Kids #mentalhealth

The kids have a 3 day weekend this week. They have Friday off from school. I don’t have the day off, neither does Kim. But they will be off. And I am possibly more excited about this than the kids are for some reason.

I guess it is because the daily grind of waking them up, making lunches, getting them ready, taking them to school, is getting close to ending for the school year. Danny looked last night and said there are 30 days until the end of the school year. But those 30 days includes weekends. The fact is there are 4 weeks, 20 days, not including today or the last day of school for the little ones. Well, Jimmy will have another 4 days on top of that. But while there have been some drawbacks to the online school, it has the advantage of my not having to deal with him every morning. Ultimately, I have about a month until my mornings are clear, which is a good thing and something I am definitely looking forward to. So tomorrow is just a taste.

Mentally and emotionally this has been a good week. I was dreading it as I thought we would be especially short staffed. But it turned out that the staffing was not as bad as we thought it was going to be. We have been continuing to work with Jimmy, but he has been pretty good about accepting where he really is. So the usual stressors have not been there, or at least have been a minimum.

I have been feeling conflicted this week. You may recall my plan to get something for myself every month. Well, the first couple of months were easy to do that. I got my new iPad and cover, then the wonderful new book bag from Sidgl, and then some new shoes and headphones. But now I have run into a bit of a wall. I kind of want a new dice box and transport for some role playing gear. But I cannot bring myself to spend the kind of money the really nice one’s cost. Plus I am working with Sidgl on developing a solution for this as well.

There are a couple of other cool craft things out there I have been looking at. Impractical but fun things to own, like a set of wooden swords. Or a cool wristband made by another friend.

In looking at all the cool gaming gear products though I think I have decided to come up with a creative solution. It is a chance to get something that I will use. And actually, be creative as well. I plan to get some generic items tomorrow from the craft store and then decorate them myself. I will take pictures and post what the results look like. Hopefully, this will provide the outlet I am looking for in doing something for me this month.


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