It is annoying & frustrating, but beats the alternative #Weather #Life

It is April 19 here in Colorado, and I woke up to enough snow that I was checking the school website to see if there were any delays or closures. You read that right. Snow, deep snow, in April. Sigh.

It took me a few moments this morning to gather my thoughts on this situation. I am sick and tired of the cold, and the snow. I am ready for shorts weather again. I want to see the sun. I want to be opening the windows at night to let in the cool air. When I flip my pillow in the middle of the night for neck support I want to be happy about the cool side of the pillow, not shocked. It has been a long winter, with just enough touches of warm weather to get me thinking about it, and tease me. Yep, I am ready for it to end.

I did remind myself this morning, after venting on the snow and cold, that things could be worse. It could be dry and cold, and heading back into another drought year. Those were not fun years. Especially when they led to the terrible fires. And constantly worrying about water shortages. Yeah, that would be worse.

Or all that snow, as annoying as it is, could have been rain. And it could have been raining heavily all weekend and the beginning of the week. Because that much rain could have resulted in having to labor to deal with the basement flooding. And all the problems associated with that.

I have to take that same philosophy as I deal with the kids. Having to rush around last night to get dinner done while having to help with vague homework assignments. Or cope with bored, frustrated teenagers on restriction. There could be far worse problems that I could be dealing with for the kids. A little angsty boredom and frustrating homework are problems I can cope with. Everyone is healthy, no one is hungry. It is definitely a case of the grass being greener.

That is a useful exercise to go through. When something starts to get on my nerves, something prolonged. I need to stop and think of the alternatives. There are far worse things I could be dealing with.


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