An interesting and varied weekend #Family #Kids

There were some quiet family moments. There were some active loud family moments. There were fun and nostalgic moments. There were some quiet, recovery times. And there was plenty of fun. The weekend really had it all.

Friday night we had a quiet, family only movie night. We watched the new Star Wars movie, ate some pizza and Ice cream. And a good time was had by all. I really enjoy the new movie (it was my third time viewing it.) It was also a nice way to end the week for everyone.

Saturday morning I took Jimmy and Emily to see a school play. A family friend has been running a small middle school level program out of her home for a number of years and always does a play. This year Jimmy wanted to see it because of the number of his good friends in the show. I wanted to see it because I wanted to support this friend as this is the last year she is running the school. And also, because the play was Twelfth Night. Which was a play I was in in high school. So the nostalgia was strong, as we saw a number of friends and kids we had not seen in a while. It was a very cute performance, lots of fun, and a cool interpretation of the play.

When we got home we had D&D. Which went well overall. I kind of challenged the boys with this session as far as the encounters. And they did well overall. Danny and Emily spent the time hanging out with their buddy. And Kim got some things done around the house and began baking a cake for the big family event.

Sunday was our nephews birthday party. Kim made the cake for him. It was very cool, and I am super proud of her ability to do this.


The party went well, it was 2 hours at a roller skating rink. Loud, active fun, for everyone. I wish I could skate, but even if I was any good at it I choose not to try anymore because wearing skates that crunch my toes is not a wise move on my part.

But by the time the party was over and we got home Kim and I were wiped out. So we just relaxed, watched a movie, and ordered some food. It was a nice quiet time to finish the weekend.

We all did a lot this weekend. Got some things done. Had some fun times. Accomplished some things. And managed to do all that in spite of the terrible weather. I humbly pronounce it a very successful weekend.


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