Ah, another arduous week nearly done #Life #mentalhealth

Well, one long day left and another week will be in the past. We have a weekend of contrasts on the horizon. One day will be centered around the house, with no outside projects or events. The other day will be focused on external events, and getting ready for those events. I just need some quiet time in there somewhere.

It has not been the emotional roller coaster that last week was. My own emotional state has been pretty good. My only problem has been a couple nights of having trouble sleeping. So I have been tired. But I have coped with the issues that have come up pretty well.

The kids have been good for the most part. No major trauma. We began Danny’s science fair project. Emily marches on. Jimmy is chafing under the combination of restrictions and teenage angst. But we had a real good talk last night, there is a plan, and should he follow it he will see relief.

This weekend we will return to D&D (finally.) It has been longer than I would have liked due to scheduling conflicts. I am hoping to resume the every 2 weeks schedule here soon. I am more than ready for this session and really looking forward to it.

Sunday we will be joining the extended family to celebrate our nephews birthday. Kim is baking his cake for him, which will be our Sunday morning plan. And then it will be home to work on the science fair project.

I am sure we will sprinkle in some other things throughout the weekend. For instance, tonight is family movie night as we watch the new Star Wars movie. And I hope to keep up my practice of starting the week with a clean house.

Things are looking good overall. And we can all sense that we are on the downhill slope to the end of the school year. Which I think we are all looking forward to.


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