Pleased with the results #Life #Weekend

I had one primary goal for the weekend: leave the house in better shape than it started. I accomplished that. Otherwise, I looked forward to some relaxing time and making sure the children I had did what I asked of them. On all of those fronts, it was a success.

I finished or worked on several small projects. Redid the caulk in the bathroom (we used some old stuff when we painted and it refused to cure so it was still wet.) I got the laundry in the house done. I sprayed some weed killer in an area where I can test to see if it works or not. I changed a lock for mom. I got the house restored to some semblance of order from the hangover of two parties. And I got my hair cut.

I had some fun in between. I watched a few movies and caught up on most of my recorded shows. I enjoyed reading a book. I did some prep work on a couple of miniatures to work on for the boys. And I had a good meal with a close friend.

And I slept well, despite having the bed to myself. Since Kim was off with Danny for a Boy Scout retreat/camp trip. They both had fun from what I could tell. It was good for him to enjoy himself after the problems with the first camping attempt. It certainly helped that Mom was there in case there were any problems.

It was not the most dramatic weekend. And I got plenty of time to myself since Emily went over to a friends house Friday night and did not return until late Saturday afternoon.Which made it the kind of weekend that I needed after the craziness of the last couple of weekends. Getting that kind of quiet time is good for me from time to time. I need that balance of time to myself, and time where I am doing something on my own, like the Denver game. They are different kinds of Me time.

And Kim and I did spend some time yesterday afternoon just relaxing. Watching some TV, letting her recover from 2 nights with the boys.

Yeah, I would call this weekend a success. Which is what I want and was happy to have.


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