Vacation, a review #Life #Family #Mentalhealth

Back to work today, that first day back is always tough. Danny’s leg hurts from growing pains and maybe a little more running around yesterday than normal. Emily is just fine. But Jimmy chose to stay and work from home. I am focusing on work, and then reviewing what I did and did not do last week.

Every once in a while you can turn a mental issue like anxiety and OCD to your advantage. And yesterday we got to see the results of that. Because I had been so focused on getting all those little things done around the house, and being ready to host the Easter family event it all went very well. The house was ready, we only had to do a few minor things on Sunday morning that it had not made much sense to do earlier. Like sweeping and mopping the main rooms because of the snow storm on Saturday. It was very gratifying to just let the cooking begin, and the hiding of the eggs, in their own time without worrying about getting a hundred little other things ready.

Which was good, because that good feeling helped me survive being completely overwhelmed by the crowd. We probably had over 20 adults, and assorted kids ranging in age from 3 to 17, in the house at one time. Which was just a bit much for me to handle. And when people began to trickle out I took the chance to just sit back and breathe. And process my feelings.

For the overall week, here is a checklist:

  • Have some fun extended family events: Birthday party for our nephew on Sunday, Easter party on the following Sunday.
  • Have some immediate family fun events: Shopping, Bowling on Monday, Denver Museum on Tuesday, egg dyeing on Easter morning.
  • Kids fun: Danny had 3 sleepovers, Jimmy hosted one sleepover and went over to a friendsĀ house once for a sleepover, Emily had multiple parties to attend and one sleepover, and there was a lot of time hosting friends at our house as well.
  • House projects: we cleaned, painted, and repaired the front bathroom, hung up some pictures that had been sitting since Xmas.
  • Personal fun: I ran D&D for the boys on the first Saturday, watched the entire season of Daredevil over the course of the week.
  • Personal Growth: I maintained my meal tracking over the course of the vacation week when it would have been easy to skip, began using the Pacifica app on iPad and iPhone, kept up blog posts for journaling purposes.

When I put it like that, it was very definitely a worthy vacation. I would have never offered to host the family Easter event if I didn’t have the week off, but it worked out for everyone. And now we can enjoy our nicely redone bathroom. And maybe, just maybe, the kids will be better about doing their part to keep the house under control (well I guy can dream.)

Most importantly, unlike the time off I took in October last year, I kept my head on straight. I kept my focus on what mattered. I didn’t let the chaos of all those different events and projects get to me. I was able to adapt my need for a focus in a way that made a big difference. It is very gratifying to look at it in review.


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