Vacation Day 5 #life #mentalhealth

Last night the boys went over to friends houses for sleepovers, leaving Emily with me for the morning. As a treat for her to compensate for not getting a sleepover herself we went out for breakfast. She tried to eat that whole pancake, did a good job. 

From there I came home to keep working on the house. Finished the bathroom, put away all the tools, did some other projects. I started running into the mental wall around mid-morning. I got the kids to do their parts. But I was having trouble doing work myself. 

It was a struggle. I took my time on what I was doing. I took some time with an app called Pacifica, doing some breathing exercises. It was the typical stress-anxiety spiral. Feeling the pressure to get things done. Anxious that what I did wouldn’t be enough. It took my writing that out while doing the exercises to get my head together. 

The reality is that it will all get done, and done properly. I know that in my head. It just takes some work to convince that other voice in my head that this is the case. To shut that up, and get focused on the right stuff. 

This vacation was really good. I had some fun. We got some things done that we have meant to do for quite a while. And now we are almost ready to host the entire extended family for Easter. And return to school and work come Monday. 


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