Vacation Day 3 #projects #mentalhealth

Today was project day. Kim had bought some paints for the bathroom a few months ago and now was as good a time as any. So we spent the morning doing the prep work, cleaning, removing things like light covers etc. Then we took Jimmy to a friends house and picked up the last supplies we needed. 

Here is a before shot. You can see the patchwork and the peach paint that once looked bright but had gradually become more than a little dingy. And we got to work. 

Doing projects like this is actually something Kim and I enjoy doing together. We have painted pretty much every room in the house at least once. Replaced flooring in multiple rooms. We are a good team and have really developed over the years. 

Where we are now. It’s not completely done, we still have to do touch ups, replace hardware, figure out the floor. But you can see how much better it looks already. 

Another benefit of this project is that I found that the painting is actually quote therapeutic for me. Taking my time, focusing, doing it correctly is the type of thing I enjoy doing when I get the chance. It helps calm me down. 

It’s not often that that you can take something as mundane and potentially troublesome as painting a room and get so much from it. But that’s what I did on my third day of vacation. 


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