It is a simple thing #Politics

Yeah, it’s a political post, so feel free to skip or don’t read. But I have two simple things to state that I have to get off my chest.

Acceptance is not always easy. When the team you have been cheering for is losing the big game you still put all of yourself into wanting that win. You keep hoping for that one play, the moment when things will turn around. I still remember those feelings during a few big Broncos losses, when I just could not bring myself to accept that they were going to lose this game. Because I know that feeling I understand how the Sanders fans have to be feeling right now. It sucks for your team to lose. And when it is still the third quarter and there is still a chance, that miraculous interception, that punt return, whatever it takes could just turn this thing around. But Sanders fans need to realize that miracle play is not going to happen now.

That means that everyone needs to accept this, and turn to dealing with the real problem. I know it is not always easy to cheer for Hillary Clinton. We have all been fed this hatred and dislike of her for over 2 decades now. I cannot think of anyone off the top of my head who has received this kind of negative press and reviews for this long who somehow just keeps coming back. I can sense it in some of the Sanders folks who have been fighting the Clinton onslaught. ‘How can we possibly support this woman?’ they ask. But now is the time to get real honest, and look at reality.

Because never in my lifetime and really not in our countries history has the choice been so starkly clear. Because no major party candidate has ever been this bad or dangerous. Trump is bad, I mean really bad. Bad in a way that our country has not seen in a really long time. Bush II was dumb, Bush I was unlucky, Reagan was ignorant, and Nixon was criminal, but none of them stack up to Trump and what he represents. Trump and his supporters represent all that is ugly, terrible and vicious in this country. I’m talking about the Klan members, the David Dukes, the lynch mobs, the Tim McVeighs.

This goes far beyond a question of tax policy, or Health Care, or even gun control. These are people who will organize lynch mobs, who will cheer when militarized police move into poor communities like an invading army. If you truly fear a New World Order, where your rights are stripped away then you have far more to fear from a Donald Trump than any Democrat. Because it truly is a matter of them coming first for the Muslims, then the immigrants, then it will be your guns in the name of protecting our Freedom.

This is a clear choice. Accept the defeat of your team, understand where your dislike truly comes from. And then move on to counter the biggest threat to our Democracy.


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