Recovery, and still productive#Life

Friday night was the school dance, so I went, had to stand the whole time, talk with people, and even danced a little line dance with Emily. I was dying by the end of it all, just totally exhausted. When it hit me. If I wanted to get better this weekend, I needed to try to relax as much as possible. Which is harder than you think with the weather being so nice. So I did what I could, focusing on rest and recovery.

When I look back, I did manage to get a lot done. There was the school dance on Friday night. Which was fun, and we reconnected with a parent and her kids who had been out of state for 3 years. That was especially nice for Jimmy as the oldest was one of his buddies before they moved.

Saturday I had my eye appointment, got my car washed & vacuumed, and then in the afternoon we went to the Westside Wrestling banquet. Where I again tried to push it a little too much, the kids & parents had a big game of dodgeball. I didn’t participate, but just trying to cheer, do a little referee work was too much. In between we got some good house cleaning done, including the kids being forced to do some deep cleaning in their rooms. As a result, I slept very well Saturday night, from exhaustion and recovery.

And Sunday we got the gutters cleaned out. I got in some more rest. And Kim and Emily made some cookies. By Sunday evening, things were pretty much back to normal. I still have a bit of a cough, but not nearly what it was.

Danny tried the Campout, went up there, but we got a call around 7:30, he just couldn’t stick it out. So Kim went up and got him. He got to spend the weekend recovering himself from this stomach bug that he had, which was magnified by the anxiety over the camping. The important thing is that he was well by this morning, and joking around with me this morning when I dropped him off at school.

The weekend was not without its problems. I had a bit of insomnia Friday night, woke up around 3 and could not get back to sleep for an hour or 2. So I was extra tired on Saturday, which did not help my mood or physical well-being. There was the expected trouble going to sleep last night due to the stupid Daylight Savings time.

Throughout it all though I was pleased with how the weekend went. My physical health is gradually returning to normal (or what passes for such for me.) Next week is Spring Break so only one week of school for the kids before we all get some time off.



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