I’m just spitballing here #Parenting #Politics

Just a couple of thoughts to talk about today, not any fully formed ideas.

Watching your child struggle, and knowing that there is really nothing you can do to fix it that won’t hurt them more in the long run, is really the toughest obstacle I have had to face as a parent. It is one thing for them to be sick, you can comfort them. Or if they just don’t want to or have a hard time figuring out how to do something fun like riding a bike. But when it is a character issue, they have dug themselves a hole, and have to get themselves out of it, and are having trouble with that, it is really painful. You just have to hang in, and watch them struggle.


I have not talked too much about the election because there is no point. I have figured out over the last 8 years that there is no way that I will change the opinion of those who disagree with me. And I end up preaching to the choir or fighting a battle with no chance of victory for either side.

But I cannot help but feel more than a little sense of satisfaction in watching the rise of an autocrat to the leadership of the party whose sole policy for the last 7 years has been a nihilistic mindless opposition. When what amounts to policy is opposition to any government intervention at all is it any surprise that your candidates act as if the government is the disease and they are the cure. And when you celebrate a Court Case that equates money with speech, you cannot get upset when a billionaire whose sole claim to fame is his name can rise to power by freely spending his money.


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