Slowly but surely, bit by bit #Health #Life #Mentalhealth

If there is one thing I have learned over the last decade of listening closer to my body it is that nothing good for you ever comes about fast. There are no short cuts. No quick fixes. Healing and getting healthy are things that take time and in some cases hard work.

But slowly but surely, bit by bit I am getting healthier. This terrible bug is ever so slowly leaving my system. My morning cough is lightening up ever morning. The sinus pressure is virtually gone.

Yeah, I am taking all kinds of medicine to get there. Antibiotics to kill the sinus infection. Decongestant to fight the cough and runny nose. So I am a little dopey.

And my constant meal charting is helping my overall habits as well. The sickness prevented me from following my plan for getting into a better habit of daily exercise, but that’s okay. Because it is a slow grind, no quick fix.

The same thing applies to my mental health. That is a day to day thing. Requires constant vigilance and self-care. But I can feel that getting better too. I am learning to use what is available. And make better use of the resources that are out there.

The funny thing about my mix of anxiety, OCD and depression are that the one thing that I absolutely cannot do is give all of my attention to any one thing. I cannot be an exercise junkie, or have a laser focus on healthy eating. I can work to keep the house clean and fix meals but I cannot let that consume me. Which is why I have to take these things slow.

One of the great things about the hobby of role playing is that it is multi-faceted. I can read fiction, blogs, or rule books. I can write. And I can even watch movies or shows, or listen to podcasts. And it can all involve role playing, but without the feeling that it is the only thing I am doing. Which makes it a healthy hobby for me.

That is my personal key to health and happiness. Diversity, patience, and avoiding attempts to zero in or hurry anything.


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