It was not the ending we wanted, but it still ended #Kids #Life

Well, that’s it. When we started last week we had a Cub Scout, a Club Wrestler, and a Girl Scout selling cookies. Now we have a Boy Scout selling Camp Cards and readying himself for multiple camping trips. We have a Girl Scout who is very close to completing her revised goal, but with only a week left. And we have a regular teenager whose sole focus is now on school.

It was a good weekend for the kids for the most part. It started off great. With Danny participating in his last Elementary performance. That was a very cute performance of a stripped down version of the Music Man. Which was more enjoyable than most such performances.

Jimmy got to have his buddies stay the night on Friday night. Which was definitely fun for him. And made things easier for me the next day since I did not have to go get kids for the D&D game. And then Danny & Emily went over to their friends house on Saturday night. Which was good for us as that way Jimmy was sure to get plenty of rest. So there was no question that the kids all had plenty of time with their friends over the span of the weekend.

Danny and his cousin went and did their first event as Boy Scouts, selling Camp Cards. Which are discount cards that people can purchase for $5, are well worth it. And the money goes towards the many camp events that The Boy Scouts have over the course of the year. And tonight is their first official meeting. Which marks the biggest change for us, as we go from events 4 days a week to just one night a week devoted to kids events.

Jimmy had his last wrestling tournament of the season and the last of his Middle School career. Sadly for him and us it was a really tough tournament. And his last match was just not his best match, for whatever reason. We can take some solace from the fact that the competition in this tournament was a real step up. The kids that normally dominate his weight class in the local tournaments all suffered losses. It was really tough, and he was very disappointed in himself and how it ended. But now he can put it behind him. Focus on school for now, and then begin the hard work of getting ready for high school next year.

For now, we can all turn our focus on an emptier schedule. Enjoy some quieter times and open weekends. And look forward to maybe doing some more family fun events throughout the rest of the school year.


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