It’s not over yet #Health #Kids

It’s Friday! That means this week is over right? Sadly, no, it is not done by a long shot. We still have an elementary school musical performance. And the Wrestling tournament on Sunday. And just because I started on the antibiotics does not mean that this terrible cough disappeared overnight.

I knew this was going to be a long week. Being sick through it all has not made it any easier. About the only positives are that the week will end, and the kids moods have been good for the most part.

I wish I could say that tonight was the last elementary musical to attend, but there are still 3 more years of this to go with Emily. And knowing Emily I won’t be surprised if she ends up with far bigger roles than her brothers. It is not that these are bad, for the most part, they are normally very cute, it is just a ritual that parents have to go through. And when I would much rather just go home and crash on the couch it makes for a difficult evening.

Thanks to that scheduling change we have to wait until Sunday for the wrestling to begin. Which had the beneficial side effect of letting Jimmy have a sleepover, and we get a day to relax and play D&D. But I would have preferred to have it over on Saturday and a day to recover after the fact. Because now we have a late night on Sunday, and little chance to get the week started correctly.

All of this craziness has taken its toll on the house. You know it is funny, I am OCD enough for the mess to bother me, but not enough to have a hidden reserve of energy that drives me to tackle the mess. So it is another weekend of doing what I can to lay this on the kids, force them to do their part to keep things in order.

The one take away is that I know that after this it is all over for the most part. Monday nights will be crazy with Scouts for the little ones. And the rest of the nights will be free again, free for us to relax and maybe get things around the house caught up. And that is the mantra: It will all be over soon.



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