Rolling with the changes, being smart #Parenting #Life

I knew this week would be a challenge. Knew it going in. And I was right. Already we have had to juggle things, make changes and adjustments. But I am just rolling with it, keeping flexible. And adapting by using tools that are easily available.

Yesterday Kim asked me if I had noticed that Jimmy’s group was wrestling on Sunday instead of Saturday, which we had expected and made plans around. I did some web research, and that was definitely the case. After some e-mail exchanges, that confirmed what we were seeing we realized that we were going to have to adjust.

Kim had set up Emily for a cookie booth on Sunday. We had arranged a babysitter for the little ones on Saturday. It was all ready. And then it wasn’t. So we changed things up. The babysitter was willing to change to Sunday afternoon and evening (thanks, Chy.) Emily agreed to just cancel the cookie booth altogether.

It actually is turning out for the better in one case. Because one of the boys wanted to stay over Friday night, which we would not have been able to do. And now, due to the change we moved D&D to Saturday. And now Jimmy is having his buddies stay the night Friday night (with the knowledge that it will have to be an early night.) That is cool because Jimmy gets to hang with his buddies for the night while we take in Danny’s performance. And I do not have to worry about getting the boys to the house or starting early.

Really the only negative at this point is we will have a late night on Sunday, which I can live with. And that will be the natural topper and end for a crazy week.

Last week I was browsing the internet and I saw an ad for a web site called Grammarly. I checked it out, it looked like it could be very useful. I installed it on my browser and immediately noticed a real difference with how I was writing. And that led me to think, if Jimmy was doing his writing in a Word Processor he would have those tools available. But since he does his writing on the school web page he does not have a tool like that. So I installed it on the home computer and after one day of using it the word he used was ‘god-like’. I recently wrote a post about all the tools I use in role playing, and the reality is that there are a lot of similar tools out there for everyday use. And we just need to get better about using them.

When I run a role playing game the biggest thing that I can have going for me is to know the world at large. If I have the setting and campaign arc in my head then whatever the players do I can adjust. Well, I am in the process of adopting that approach to life. If I use all the tools at my disposal, keep my eye on the big picture, and maybe use my own strengths better than life gets much easier.



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