It’s gonna be a free weekend! #Kids #Life

We have virtually nothing planned this weekend. Tonight Kim & I have the Annual Scout Volunteer appreciation dinner, which we try to go to because we support Scouts. And Sunday Kim & Emily have a Girl Scout cookie booth. And that is it, the rest of the weekend is free!

I imagine we will probably get the real cleaning done that we wanted to get done last weekend. The main rooms of the house do need a thorough deep cleaning. And there are some other house projects that will get tackled, like a small project in the bathroom. And the kids rooms need to get cleaned of course (that’s a given.) It is not like we will spend the weekend lounging on the couch watching TV and playing video games.

Danny needs to use the weekend to recover from yet another bout of sickness. This week he caught the bug that Jimmy & I had (and that is still lingering for me.) He really needs to get healthier so he can get back to school full time for the remainder of the year.

It might be hard on Jimmy as we will not let him just park himself at the computer all weekend playing online games. But I have some ideas for some things that should help him away from that. I want to use the time on Sunday when the girls are at the cookie booth to teach them how to play Warzone. I think they will enjoy the game, since they have more of a frame of reference (it is like their Call of Duty, only using miniatures.) We might do a family game afternoon on Saturday, but I am not committing to that yet.

Really my only goal is to start the next week with a clean house and ready to go. Because next week is no joke, schedule wise. It is a week of closure. Wednesday is Danny’s Blue & Gold banquet, which is where he crosses over from Cub to Boy Scouts. Then Friday night is Danny’s last elementary school musical. And last is Saturday, with Jimmy’s State Wrestling tournament, his last Middle School level Club tournament. It will be a busy week, with a lot going on, so I want to be sure that everything else is taken care of.



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