Awareness, taking time, dealing with disappointment #Health #MentalHealth #Life

I had some big ideas and plans for the weekend. I did accomplish most of them in some form or another. But it was not the weekend that I had planned. There was some unplanned excitement. And some unplanned down time.

First, I was fighting this stupid flu bug all weekend. Which really sapped my strength and even my willpower. It got me feeling pretty miserable a few times. But I had a thought, and did a little research and found out an interesting point. I noticed, Saturday morning especially, that my mood was really terrible, with all sort of negative thoughts floating around my brain. And I got to wondering about if there was any connection. A brief search later turned up some research that showed that when your body is fighting a flu bug it is busy producing whatever it needs to cope with that, and as a result is not producing as much serotonin, which affects the mood. So it made sense that I was moody, depressed and generally crappy. And having that awareness made a difference.

Monday I was not feeling good still. So when one of the boys bowed out of the game due to feeling bad I ended up cancelling D&D. Which was mildly disappointing. I was looking forward to the game. But it did give me some additional and needed time to recuperate, which was good, and better in the long run.

Because of illness, and general exhaustion, we did not tackle quite as many cleaning projects as I might have liked. But we did enough that the house does not look like a tornado came through, in spite of the fact that the kids were home all weekend. And that is all I can really ask for for now.

But we did get some things done. Plenty more cookies were sold. A placard for an arrow of light display got stained. Some home work discussion was completed. And there was bike riding by all the kids, with Jimmy getting around to getting his bike back up and running. So the fine weather was enjoyed by most everyone.

The unplanned excitement was our narrowly evading a major traffic accident on our way to a movie. A car driven by some young person was trying to get over as I was moving into the same lane, I backed off and slowed down. They sped up, and eventually over corrected, losing control, and spinning out in front of us and smacking another car before coming to a stop near the median. All of this took place on the highway so everyone was driving at pretty high speeds. So we stopped while Kim called 911, and eventually gave a statement. Which made us a little late for our movie, but we mostly just missed the previews.

All in all it was a restful weekend. The needed breather we needed for health reasons. We didn’t have all the fun that we might have wanted. But everyone had a couple of enjoyable events. And I was able to overcome some down time with some needed rest and a little clear thought.


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