Freeing, and excited #Weekend #Family

This 3 day weekend is actually pretty darn wide open schedule wise. Which is pretty freeing, gives us a chance to catch our breath from this onslaught from the beginning of the year. There are some events planned, some fun things, but not like the previous weekends. And that is a good chance for me to keep up some new practices that are proving fruitful.

Sadly Jimmy was sick this week. I have had the same thing, although I don’t think it was to the same extent. It is a cold that refuses to show the normal symptoms. So there is a sore throat, an occasional unproductive cough, and a general lethargy. It has not been fun. Since he has been sick all week Jimmy missed wrestling practices which means no tournament this weekend. Which is sad because this is the last one before the big season ending tournament. But it does open things up for us, instead of devoting a day to the tournament that time is freed up.

And Kim and I have kept Sunday open so we can do something for Valentines Day. At least a nice meal, possibly a movie. At this point neither of us puts a lot of focus on days like this, but it is still good to set time aside just for us.

The kids and I have a 3 day weekend for President’s Day. So I am running D&D on Monday for the kids, while Kim is at work. That way she won’t feel that she is losing time with all of us. I am looking forward to the game this week, I have some things in mind that I want to put into practice.

Emily does have a couple of cookie booths. She is already over half way to her sales goal. Even though the initial surge has slowed down, there are still plenty of chances and places for her to sell.

One nice thing about the tournament being cancelled is that it will be easier for Danny to attend a friends birthday party. Which is good for him. I try to make sure he never misses these when he gets invited. Knowing from personal experience that the way for an introvert to keep getting involved with other people is to not turn down invites.

It has been a mixed week for me. Dealing with Jimmy, his sickness, grades, school etc. really brought me down. But getting the bag was really cool. And my physical health plan stepped up some, which was good. On the other hand I have been able to get to sleep without the sleeping pills all week. Like I said, a mixed bag. And this weekend we can get the house picked up (again), and like I told the little ones this morning, reset the expectations of keeping things cleaner during the week.

Overall the focus of the weekend is to catch our collective breaths. Reset things like house cleaning, home work schedules. And be ready for the next push to State Wrestling and Cub Scout crossover. And then the ultimate goal of Spring Break.


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