It’s about friends, quality, connection #Friends #Sidgl @Sidglenjoy

I wrote last week about how much of a boon Facebook was to my life. It has allowed me to connect with, re-connect with and maintain connection with many friends. Friends that I could easily have lost contact with (or had lost contact with.) That is a big deal to me, being introverted and all it is not easy for me to make new friends so I want to hold on to the ones I do have.

One of my friends that I made when I was in middle was Ben. Ben is a year older than me, and I always looked up to him (literally because he is 6’5″.) He was a really ‘cool’ guy, always far more relaxed and cooler than I ever was. And associating with him always felt like some of that would rub off. Ben was also very artistic and creative, something that I was not. Which always seemed cool to me.

Anyway, he was one of the first people that I located when I first got on Facebook. And it has been good to re-connect after all these years. It has been very interesting to see how we have lived very different lives, and yet maintained a connection.

A year or two ago Ben announced that he was going into business making custom bags: Art bags, laptop bags, and tango bags. The name he chose for this venture was Sidgl, and I have followed this venture with interest. I wanted one of the bags, but to be honest they were a little outside of my budget. But I still shared what I could.

Here is the web site

Well recently he had a show where he displayed some bags. And since each bag is normally custom made for a customer he offered these demo bags for sale. And I was able to fit that into my budget. Yesterday I got the bag in the mail.


Isn’t that cool? I liked the color combination and the style.


I was a little concerned about the size, would it fit all of my game books, which is my primary use for any bag. I was assured it would.


And it fit everything there with no problem. I don’t feel like I am cramming stuff in. And it feels lighter than the bigger bag that I got from work.

Most importantly, it is mine. And after that it is a high quality item. I can tell that time and care were taken to make this bag. And the components are heavy duty, metal clasps, and a solid canvas cloth. It feels good, and looks good, and is very functional for my personal needs.

I wrote at the beginning of the year that I intended to make this year about getting myself some stuff. Each month I would make a purchase. And if possible it would be something I could get in the mail, just to have that joy of getting a package, because that is fun. But I also want to make an effort to buy things that people make, not just company manufacturers. Because it is about friendships, connections, and quality. All things that I can celebrate with this purchase.


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