An amazing difference #Kids #Health

It has been a month now and I have noticed a difference after following a plan. Danny finally woke up feeling better today, which was a great thing. Unfortunately Jimmy is now down with a cold (which he seems to have given me.) Physical health is just an interesting thing how it affects everything.

A friend of mine announced at the beginning of the year to follow a plan of doing something for thirty days throughout the year. And I liked that idea, but I decided to wait until each thirty day commitment was done to announce what I had done. Which keeps me from feeling like this is a commitment to anyone but myself, and creating a spiral when it fails etc.

So for the first 30 or so days I made a commitment to get back to entering all of my meals in the Lose It app. And try to stick to the daily calorie recommendations. And I have done so now for 30 days. It has been interesting. Occasionally I find myself adjusting what I eat because I know I will be recording it. Which does make me a little bit more mindful of my eating habits. Which in turn has resulted in some weight loss. I want to be clear that I am focusing on just entering the meals, and making it a challenge to try and get below that number, without thinking about consequences of really worrying all that much about my actual weight. Basically it is a focus on eating better, rather than just eating less. And I do feel better overall. And I am noticing that my appetite is gradually decreasing.

So last week, in going sledding for 3 days in a row, Danny must have hurt his back muscles. Because he has been sore to the point of crying ever since then. The thing is, and I know this from personal experience, when you have anxiety issues; especially if you are younger, pain like that can rapidly magnify. Until it becomes the only thing you can think about. I can recall the same thing myself, how just a minor ding like a sore back or leg, can become a crippling injury in your mind. And that was what was happening to Danny, so I tried to be be as patient and understanding as possible, but still getting him up and doing things. And today when he got up and felt much better and got everything together for school without arguments it was like a whole new kid. Which made me feel better because I didn’t have to spend the morning fighting him.

Jimmy came down with a cold over the weekend, and it is wiping him out. But the cool thing is that he can still do his school work since he is working from home. So we do not have to go through the battles of him falling behind due to missed classes. So he can be at home, comfortable and get some rest, and still get his class work done. And that is a major improvement for me from a stress stand point.

Yep, physical health is on my mind today. How improving it can be turned into a fun game instead of a stressful exercise. How it affects our total environment. And last, how we can still manage to get things done even when we don’t feel good. It really is amazing when you think about it.


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