A weekend that was worth the wait #Broncos #Kids #DnD

I was excited for this weekend, and it was worth the wait in most cases. We got some stuff done. Many cookies were sold. Jimmy had a great wrestling tournament. My own game went very well. And I was able to enjoy the Broncos game in the peace and quiet of my car. Worth the odd week leading up to it.

Kim and I had a productive morning on Saturday before the wrestling tournament. We put the kids to work getting the house picked up, and reclaiming the main rooms from the chaos of the odd week. And we still managed to get our shopping done like we needed to. The kids were pretty good the entire weekend which was nice.

So a week into the sales and Emily is already half way to her goal! And that is not all just sales by Kim and I at work. A lot of those sales have been done by her, as Kim has gotten her out all over the neighborhood, to the many strip malls in our area. She is doing very well. I am proud of her work on this. But I do have to say that as much as this is a family effort I am personally getting a little tired of the wrangling of cookies. But after this initial surge things should calm down a little.

Jimmy had a very good tournament this weekend. He placed fourth in the bracket. Which may not seem all that great, but he was wrestling some of the top wrestlers in the state. And he held his own. Winning his first two matches by pin. Losing two by points, but not a major. And only getting pinned by the top wrestler in the state in their weight bracket. It has been a lot of hard work to get here, and there is definitely work to do. But he is making great strides.

I had a good time at the Denver game. It was a different dynamic without Jimmy there. But it was still good. And it was a truly epic battle, which lasted much alter than we normally play. Which meant that when I was done I just made a brief stop to drop off some cookies at my brothers, but did not stay to watch the game. Electing to get back on the road.

And the game. I am happy with my decision to not stay home and watch it live on TV. From everything I read, and what I did listen to on the radio, which was part of the third quarter and the entire fourth quarter, it was a tense game that would have been very stressful to watch. And with a large group of family at our house to watch it I would have been even more stressed. So skipping the first half in order to have fun playing a game, and then just listening to the rest on the radio, was definitely the best way for me to experience it.

Any discussion of the game cannot go by without a mention of the socks, just because it is fun. In August we had a family tie dyeing day. And one of the things I did was a pair of Broncos socks, orange and blue. I then proceeded to make a point to where the socks on almost every Sunday of the season, even if I wasn’t watching the game. By the end of the season they were pretty beat up. And the colors were awfully faded. But I wore them one last time, and when I went to bed I could take them off and throw them away as the season was over. And I can look forward to making another pair next summer.


A stress free game. Another fun game. And some other good family events and quiet evenings all added up to a good weekend. And now that the weather is partially back to normal and we have a full week, life can hopefully calm down a little.



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