At last, the weekend, and something big is happening I think #Family #Broncos #DnD

What an odd strange week it has been. Multiple snow days, Kim working an oddball schedule, it has made the week seem both shorter and longer. Short, because I did not have my normal morning routine with the kids for 3 days. Long, because I am really excited for the weekend to come. And we have done really well for Emily.

The kids had a good time with those extra days off. Played lots of games. Went sledding multiple times. Had friends over or went over to a friends. And I have to give them credit, the house did not end up a disaster, which I half way expected, so that is a step in the right direction.

Poor Kim had to work some oddball shifts this week at work. Not due to the snow, just because of some other work. Which meant that our normal evenings were not the same, with her going to bed much earlier. That threw me off as well. Although I was trying to get on my new morning routine which meant trying to go to bed a little earlier so it wasn’t completely bad, it was just different.

And the sledding contributed to something else. The thing about anxiety is that it can make little stuff seem or feel much bigger. So the last time Danny went sledding he must have landed wrong and hurt his back. And given his issue with anxiety that has made the last two mornings a serious battle. His back hurts, and his anxiety magnifies that, and when I tell him to get up and get moving he has broken down into tears and fits. We had a talk about it at therapy last night, but it did not change things this morning, except my approach was a little gentler. I just have to remember this. And we did talk about a different approach to the morning wake up moving forward anyway.

So tomorrow is wrestling again. But thankfully the tournament is local, so it will not be as much of an ordeal for us to all go. And Emily has a cookie booth right afterwards. So it will be a mildly hectic Saturday.

Sunday is the Big Day! I get to go to Denver and play D&D without Jimmy! Oh wait, I guess it is also the Super Bowl, and the Broncos are in the game. The thing is, this season has been so difficult, with close game after close game, that we are just worn out as fans. Both Kim and I are agreed that we cannot muster up a lot of excitement at this point. So I made the choice early on to attend my monthly game anyway. And I am far more excited about that than I am the game. At the request of the other players Jimmy is no longer coming with us (they wanted a more ‘adult’ game.) I will stop at my brothers after my game to see how the other game is going. And deliver some cookies.

Yes, that is another mention of Girl Scout Cookies. We are really getting fully behind Emily and her cookie sales this year. We started selling on Sunday, and have already sold almost 200 boxes! Her goal of 750 boxes is definitely within reach. I am having fun selling some at work. And making a point to take some up to Denver for the gaming guys, and the family as well. And Kim has taken Emily out for some door to door sales as well. She has probably sold almost 70 boxes doing that herself. Not all the sales are from our co-workers.

It has been one of those weeks. But the weekend promises to be worth the wait. And then life should return a little closer to normal next week.


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