Reflecting on changes #Kids #Mentalhealth

I had a good weekend. We did a lot of stuff. And about the only negative I have to say is that I slept really poorly Sunday night, so I am a little tired today. Otherwise I handled a large group event with no problems. The kids had a good time overall. And we got some important things done. But the most startling thing to me was how the events showed how the kids have changed.

The most dominant part of the weekend was Girl Scouts. Kim went and got the cookies for the Troop on Saturday morning, so we had to empty her car before she could take Jimmy to his tournament. And then Sunday morning our house sustained an invasion as various girls and parents came and picked up their orders. And then Kim took Emily out for some sales before the weather got too bad. And I got out some orders online. Speaking of which, if you want to order some, go here:

Emily’s Girl Scout Cookie Page

If I will see you in person then you can just send me an e-mail or FB message with an order. Otherwise, you can order from the online page, pay for some shipping, and get the cookies delivered.

Saturday night I was charged with taking the little ones, plus cousin Bambam, to the hockey game. And then Kim met up with us. The game itself was terrible, CC played very poorly. But the kids had fun, and I did not have to contend with the whining and wanting to leave repertoire that have been a staple of previous such events. This is the point where change really kicks in. Because the kids have gotten older and more independent it is much easier for me to deal with them at events like this. Which in turn make me more interested in taking them to the events. It’s a real big, and nice change.

Another change is what is happening today. It is a stormy, snowy day here. As a result the kids have a Snow Day. But I don’t have to stay home to keep an eye on them any more, they can fend for themselves. But, most important, last night Kim and I typed up a list of what they needed to do today. A real chore list. And we can expect them to get it done for the most part. Basically it is a matter of they created the mess, now it is time for them to clean it up. That’s a big deal, for me especially, because it takes a certain amount of pressure off me. I know it probably won’t all be done, or at least done to all of our expectations, but most of it should get done, and that’s a good feeling.

It is just a heck of a lot easier to parent when the kids begin that transition from having to be cared for to mostly independent. Because then your role as a parent becomes more of a guide and rule setter, instead of a constant care taker. And if I had to pin point the part about parenting that has rubbed me the wrong way it is the constant care taking and demands. They aren’t wolves, they are not fully independent. But they have all reached the point where the most I have to do on a daily basis is referee fights, provide food, and then guidance.

So I can rest easier today, knowing things will be getting done. And I can be at the office, working, and getting a break from them. Which is a change I welcome and get excited about. And is a huge break for my own mental issues. It’s a lot easier to be an introvert, and mildly OCD, when the forces of disorder and chaos are minimized.


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