Thoughts are all over the place #Mentalhealth #Kids

My thoughts are all over the place today. The big decision was made. An open letter to my son. Genetics are a funny thing. And a busy day is planned.

So we made our decision. Or more rather pushed things off on someone else. We declined to make a big commitment, realizing that the negative impact was bigger than the upside. There might be some hurt feelings, but nothing we cannot all live with in the long run. And I was able to rest easier after making that decision.

To my son Jimmy,

There’s no way around this. You are lazy. Not lazy in the sense that you cannot get off the couch some days, or would rather order food in than cook. When you are asked to work, you do it. And you do enjoy physical labor and exercise.

No you have the same mental laziness that your father has been accused of. If something does not interest you, you won’t do it. Or you will put in the minimum effort needed to complete it, with little regard to the consequences. You hurry to complete things you don’t want to do, not caring if the finished product is good or not. You just want to finish so you can get back to what does interest you. And you need someone looming over you to do certain things. Things you just don’t care about or are interested in. 

And this is okay, once you realize it. And figure out how to complete those things you do not want to do in a satisfactory manner. But that is something you have to learn. You have to learn how to focus on those things that do not interest you but must be completed anyway. It is not an easy skill to develop, I will grant you that. But it is one you must develop, because I will tell you now that the world has little patience for our kind of laziness. 

Genetics are a funny thing. I realized this yesterday. Because I was home caring for my sons. Jimmy had a stomach ailment, so he was still doing his school work at least. Danny was still suffering like Wednesday. So I stayed home to take him to the doctor. After some poking and prodding, and asking some questions the doctor said that it sounded like Danny had a low grade migraine. Huh, a migraine, just like his brother. And this is his first one, right about the first time Jimmy got his first one. I guess that is just a genetic thing, that our kids drew the short straw on. He went to school today, but he was still in pain.

Saturday is going to be a busy day. In the morning Kim goes out to pick up the girl scout cookies for the troop, and then bring them all to our house for distribution on Sunday. Then she & Jimmy go to his wrestling tournament in Castle Rock. And I take the little ones to Scout night at the hockey game. Where Kim will meet us after the wrestling tournament. That means a long day, and a late night, in crowds, dealing with kids. Which is why I made sure that Sunday is a quiet day at home for me at least.

So I am taking care of myself. And I am helping my kids learn how to do the same thing. It isn’t always easy. And new things can crop up at any time. But there is progress, and that is what really counts.


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