Staring at a blank page #Kids #Mentalhealth

Having a hard time putting my thoughts together today. I am faced with a big decision. And it is the kind of decision that could have major repercussions for us as a family moving forward. And I am basically paralyzed when I think about it. My mind blanks in self defense. While I struggle with that a few thoughts and updates.

Poor Danny is home sick again today. He was doing much better, but yesterday the cough really began to kick his butt. And when I got up this morning he was sleeping in the living room. And miserable. And when he was eating breakfast his leg was vibrating a million miles a minute, which is a real clue that he is not feeling good. And when it came time to get dressed and go to school he was running a fever. So I gave him some Tylenol, had him take his antibiotics, and sent him back to bed.

Jimmy is slowly reaching the point where being at home alone all day, and working/playing on the computer, is beginning to bore him a little. Apparently he was cheerfully put to work yesterday cleaning the house when Kim got home. And today he is going to break up his day by going swimming with grandma. Which is a good thing. I can understand the allure of sitting at home with the computer all day. But after a certain point even I get bored and want to do something else. And I am not an active teenager like Jimmy.

I do listen some times. When Kim made an off hand remark about my playing D&D every weekend I realized that I need to check myself and my schedule. So I have this weekend off. And then Valentines Day happens to be on a three day weekend for me & the kids, but not Kim, so I will run the boys game while she is at work on that Monday. That will result in 3 out of the next 4 weekends being free from D&D. See I do listen.

Last, a pet peeve and a rant. We live in a connected world. There are many many ways to be in contact with folks. Phone, e-mail, Facebook etc. are all ways to contact someone. And it doesn’t take long to at least respond to an e-mail or FB message. And yet, some people do not reply to messages. I will admit I am not perfect on this, I do occasionally take a day or two to respond. But for the most part I do reply. And so it drives me a little crazy when people do not respond to my messages or questions. I mean come on, it cannot take that long to type a couple of lines. But that’s just me, my own personal pet peeve. And is something I have to learn to deal with, the essence of it’s me, not you.

Well it helped to get some other stuff off my chest. I am no closer to a decision, and I am still paralyzed when thinking about it. But at least these other things are off my mind, and that is better.


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