Sometimes Occam’s Razor is right #Kids #Mentalhealth

Today was one of those mornings. I was hustling, trying to get all the stuff done that I wanted. Which got me a little flustered, I’ll admit it. And when Danny just refused to go to school, his tummy hurt too much, I had just about had it.

Which sent my mind running in all sorts of directions. Which is what anxiety does, it’s a real pain in the ass. So I took Emily to school and called the Doctor to get Danny in. Of course I did not think it was anything really physical for him. I know that he has anxiety issues just like his Dad (lucky him.) And this half of the school year has not exactly started off great for him. He wanted to play basketball, but he has missed a number of practices due to illness. His regular teacher is out for surgery so he has a long term substitute. Cub Scouts is winding down, he will be crossing over in a month or so. He’s got a lot on his plate. So I wouldn’t blame him for being anxious. But he does need to learn how to cope with that and get into school. Which he was refusing to do.

And yeah, that ticked me off some. I completely empathize and sympathize with his anxiety. I know how paralyzing that can be. But I have had nearly 50 years to learn how to cope with it. And I was really hoping that he had turned the corner on this.

Then I took him to the doctor. I prepared him to accept it if the doctor gave him a clean bill of health, saying he would need to face that. And then we saw the doctor, went over all the symptoms. Did an examination. And lo and behold he actually has a sinus infection, not a terrible one, but certainly enough to do him in.

Well anxious Daddy was a little chagrined. Here I was all worried about him dealing with all this stuff. And thinking he just needed to get better at handling it all. When it turns out to be the simplest explanation: he is actually sick after all. Yes, I feel bad for thinking it was something else. But I will just take this as a lesson learned: maybe when a kid claims they are sick, they really are and it is not something bigger going on. And I clearly need to do a better job of not forcing my view on others about what is going on. So that is partially on me, I’ll admit that.

The most important thing is now he can get on some antibiotics. Return to school tomorrow as normal. And no real long term harm done. And some lessons learned by all of us. And I can lay my own anxieties to rest for now (I am sure I will find something else to obsess about.)


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