Setting up for success, instead of allowing failure #Kids #Deaths

I had a thought this morning in the shower (where many of us do our best thinking.) There are some that might think that our putting Jimmy into Online School is rewarding his failure, letting him quit when the going got tough. Which is one of those things you should not do as a parent. And I understand that, but in this case we just set him up for success.

It was becoming increasingly clear that for whatever reason that Jimmy was not going to succeed at Holmes. Part of it was his health. Part of it was his teachers. And yes part of it was some poor habits on his part. And possibly part of it was his difficulty in dealing with the actions of those around him. There were a lot of reasons things weren’t working for him.

But in this new environment we are setting him up to succeed. He loves school again. And is excited to actually learn again. And that is really all I need to know. It would be different if we were just trying to get him out of a bad environment, and he viewed this as an escape. But I think after a week that it is clear that he can and will be a success in this new environment.

And that is what we did, we set him up for that success. We could have pushed him to suck it up. Or just let him fail and end up getting moved to his neighborhood school. But that was not the option for us. I know this is not the most cogent post, but I think I am getting the point across.

On another subject. This is becoming the month of dying Rock Stars. As it feels like we cannot go a day or two without another one passing on, becoming one with the Force. And I read a good point yesterday. The moment that musicians became Rock Stars was in the 60’s and 70’s. There were popular star before then, but they had not become Rock Stars until then. Well it is only natural for those people to begin passing on, as age and disease catches up with them. So we will get times like this, when these folks all seem to pass on at once. The reason it is striking people is that we are not used to this, at least the passing from natural causes, from this group of people. We are accustomed to the movie stars passing on, as it has been a few generations of those to grace our lives.

I for one choose to not mourn their passing. But instead embrace their memory, spending time listening to the music they left us. And be glad they gave us the gift of music and memories. I can enjoy the older movie with great stars who are no longer with us without mourning their death. And I choose to treat the deaths of Rock Stars the same way.


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