Returning to normal, a bit shocking

This was a ‘normal’ weekend. Which was a bit shocking to my system. Saturday was a fully relaxed day. Sunday was full, but fun. And musing on an epiphany I had about sports.

Saturday was a quiet day at home. Kim took Jimmy to his tournament, as it was in a smaller gym, and therefore would have been hard to keep the little ones entertained. But I did not have anything planned for the day otherwise. No big house projects, or really any projects. I ended up spending much of the day reading. It was a refreshing change of pace for me.

Jimmy did not have a good tournament. He is running into an odd predicament, he is tall for his weight. And so most of the the top wrestlers at his weight are shorter. So what he really needs to do is work on building up his weight. But he has such good eating habits that it will actually be hard for him to do that (certainly not an issue I have ever had.) I did some research and have given him some tips, some dietary habits for him to follow that are not bad for him in the long run. We will see how that goes.

Sunday was full, but it was normal stuff.  Grocery shopping for the week. D&D with the boys. Followed by the Broncos game. And then a relatively quiet evening, or at least as quiet as it can be with 3 extra teenage boys spending the night as Jimmy had a sleepover. Since today is a day off for the kids for MLK day. And it gives Jimmy a chance to kind of catch up and spend some time with his buddies that he doesn’t see during the week any more.

The Broncos game was a mixed bag. Way too close to really enjoy during the game itself. And more than a little frustrating as there were more than a few miscues and self inflicted wounds.  But the Broncos won, which was a good thing. Although I have to admit even that is a bit of a mixed bag. Because the Super Bowl is the same day as our next Denver game. And if the Broncos are in the Super Bowl I imagine we will end up hosting a party, which means that the Denver game is postponed for 2 weeks. So there is a part of me that kind of hopes that the Broncos lose so I am not forced with having to make that choice. But only a part of me feels that, for the most part I want the Broncos to win.

Which leads into my next thought, an epiphany I had about sports. My Dad came over  on Saturday to watch some of one of the playoff games. He asked me if I had watched the College Championship game. And I was able to put together a coherent reason why I did not watch. I enjoy watching football for the most part, although that enjoyment has waned over the years. And if there is a team I like playing I will definitely try to watch. But, if there is a team playing that I do not like, and the other team is one I don’t much care about, then I can very easily skip watching it. Because in that case all I care about is one team losing, not so much the other team winning. And that just isn’t much fun, watching a game solely in the hopes of a negative result. Which gives me a good rule of thumb for any sport moving forward. Before devoting time to watching the event ask myself: is there a team that I really like? If not, is there a team I don’t like? If not, is it a sport I enjoy watching just to watch? If not, change the channel, turn it off, do something different.

So, the weekend was a mixed bag. A return to those weekends when I could truly relax and enjoy myself. And plenty of things to actually enjoy. But it was such a change that it felt odd to get that time to relax.



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