Setting priorities, Getting things done #Life #Mentalhealth

I had what amounted to a 3 day weekend. Spent Friday morning getting Jimmy set up for school. Saturday was devoted to Jimmy’s wrestling and keeping the house under control. Sunday we did some cleaning, and then went to Denver for our D&D game. It was a Jimmy-centric weekend, but I think it was well worth it.

Friday I got Jimmy signed up for online school. It was very interesting. I wish that had been an option when I was young, it is really my dream approach to school (even if I did like school.) I think he will do very well, and it will be a really good experience. And it is not pure online, he does have to spend some time at the campus, and it is even recommended.

Saturday morning we got some things done around the house, some little projects that we had all the stuff for but just hadn’t gotten around to. And then we went to Jimmy’s tournament. He did as well as can be expected, 2-2 overall, and his losses were to kids who topped the 2 sides of the bracket. And I think it is clear what things he can work on. He does as well as he can, full effort, not coasting on his talents.

Kim did take Emily to the Girl Scout cookie rally. That’s right it is about that time of year. So it is not like the other kids got completely ignored over the course of the weekend.

Sunday Jimmy went to Denver for our game. It was a different kind of game. It went very well. I will go into more detail elsewhere. Suffice to say I really enjoy these times with him.

What this weekend did prove is that my priorities have changed. I did watch most of one football game over the weekend, but it was more as a diversion than anything else. And, when looking at our schedule for the next Denver game I noticed that it is Super Bowl Sunday. And I pointed out that if Denver makes the game we will probably not join in. But otherwise they can count on us. But even then, I am not certain I will make it a point to skip the D&D game.

Also, Sunday was my family’s early year birthday party (December-January-February birthdays.) But Jimmy and I were in Denver. Which meant this was the second big gathering that I did not attend. Which is odd for me, I rarely ever skip these events. But my life has changed, and I am just making changes in what I do and what is important to my daily life. And I think that is a sign of growth for me.

And now life begins to take it’s real shape for the coming year. The kids school will be in earnest now. And the club season is back in full bloom. I just have to hang in. and make sure not to lose myself in the mix.


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