Downsizing and accepting #Technology #MentalHealth

You can file this under First World issue, that’s okay, but I choose to see a deeper point.

I got an iPad 2 soon after they became available, it was a birthday present. And I used the hell out of it. I carried it practically everywhere I went, read countless books on it. Tried and stopped playing numerous games. Kept up with social media and the lives of many friends. Used it as a tool for games, character sheets, rules. It was and still is a very useful piece of technology.

But this weekend we bought an iPad Mini 2 Retina for a late Xmas present. I did a lot of research. Kim got one for her birthday, and I spent some time with it. And I then did a lot of price matching, thought and analysis into what I bought. And I went with the least expensive device.

After nearly 24 hours I can say I am very happy with it. The battery performance is far better. The actual performance is superior. And the clarity of the apps and images is also much better. I am very happy with it.

Now for the deeper point. I realized that I did not need to upgrade to the latest iPad Air 2, the latest generation of the my original device. I did not need extra memory on the new device. And the reason I did not need those things is because of acceptance.

First, I accepted that I will be using reading glasses pretty much from here on out. It is just a physical fact of aging. Happens to all of us. And if I am going to be using those I do not need the extra screen space on my tablet, I can read what is on the screen just fine with the readers on.

Second, I accepted what I use the device for: books, social media, tools for role playing, pictures. What I don’t use it for: games, storage of mass media. And I can do all of what I want on the smaller device with no problem.

And all of this leads to a bigger issue, one of the themes I am carrying forth with the New Year: acceptance. When I did my clothes purge I did with an acceptance of where I am physically, not with an eye on maybe somehow reaching a point where those clothes would fit again. When I made this change in tablets it was with an acceptance of what I will realistically use the device for, not what I could do with it. I want to be more accepting of that which I cannot change this year. And more realistic about what is really in my range for change. And I will strive to more accepting of others, especially what they enjoy. Because a realistic acceptance of myself and others will lead to a happier life.


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