Bringing in the New Year with some changes

I spent a part of New Years Eve day engaged in a hearty cleaning and purge. We then took that to the next stage by continuing the same process in other parts of the house. New Years Day proper was about entertainment: D&D and football. By the end of the 4 days I was ready to resume paid work.

I felt really good about what I did on Thursday. I was ruthless about deciding what clothes went, and other stuff. If I couldn’t wear it now, or used it in the past 6 months, it went. I really cleaned out a lot of stuff. And Kim then did the same for a bunch of her stuff. And by Saturday morning we had a van full of bags and boxes to take and drop off at Goodwill. There is something mentally freeing in just getting rid of stuff.

I took the approach with the clothes that if I do get my head to the point where I can drop weight then I can reward myself with new clothes. And most of the other stuff was just crap that I didn’t use, or read, or was already trash.

Then yesterday James and I rearranged some furniture to make better use of it all. It sure is nice having a strong teenager in the house! And then Kim did a thorough cleaning of Emily’s room. So now we can all hit the new year and school year running.

We played host to a sleepover on New Years Eve. Danny & Emily had friends over for the night. And I stayed up to let them do the full count down thing. It was fun for them, if a little exhausting for me. Particularly when they were all up at the crack of dawn the next day. Which meant I was pretty wiped out for New Years Day, which brought back some memories (the tired part, I was not hungover.)

But it was okay for me to be tired because I had my D&D game all set, so I was able to handle it with no problem. We all had a good time. And then Jimmy went over to his buddies house for the night, so the little ones and I were all able to crash early to recover.

Saturday was spent running some errands, getting some necessary items, and other shopping. Which wiped me out again. So by Sunday, after moving the furniture, I was done. My head was no longer in the zone. I relaxed and watched the Broncos game. And then just focused on getting to bed at a decent hour. Because I was ready to return to the relative isolation of being at work. Work is definitely a refuge for me at times. Because I can sit here in my cubicle, headphones on, listening to music, waiting for a call, and not interact with anyone if I choose to. And sometimes I need to do just that.

It was a productive weekend. With some fun mixed in. And I took the time to protect myself and not let all the time around other folks wipe me out. And now I am ready to face the new year/semester/ what have you.


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