Living life without routine can be fun #Mentalhealth

Day 5 of my week off, third day without the routine of school and work. And it has been pleasant so far. No breakdowns or major issues. I have accomplished all that I wanted to get done. And enjoyed pretty much all of the events.

I have pretty much operated without a routine this week. We had scheduled events: wrestling tournament, holiday treat making, vet appointments. But for the most part I have been living without a set routine. And it has been a refreshing change.

I’m not saying I would like to always operate that way. My internal wiring does not work that way. I need some level of routine in order to satisfy my OCD. But it has been a good breather, and I no one has died or been hurt by the lack of routine.

Jimmy had a successful tournament on Saturday. He was slated in the B bracket, and dominated his weight class, taking first with three matches, three major wins by pin. It was a good confidence booster for him. And he can return to the A bracket for the rest of the club season. He is in that area where he is at the top of one bracket, but at the bottom of the next one up, or at best competitive. It is just a matter of experience and mat time to get to the next level.

The annual Holiday treat making party was a success overall. I am sitting in a kitchen that still smells of all the various treats. There were moments when things fell a part a little. And the prioritizing of what we make needs to change up next year. But for the most part I would call the event a success.

Monday the kids and I worked on the basement. I cleaned up some of my stuff, hung some stuff on the walls, and moved some furniture. Jimmy really attacked his room, doing a real good job. And then on the spur of the moment we scattered the kids to friends houses for sleepovers. And proceeded to have a date night, enjoying dinner and then Seeing Star Wars. Which we both really enjoyed, and look forward to taking the boys.

Yesterday I finished my Xmas shopping. Came home and got everything wrapped. Including the little surprise gifts I bought each of the kids and the family. Then we got the dogs to the vet for shots and a check up. And had a quiet evening at home catching up on all of our recorded shows.

Today is more cleaning for the kids. And then we will finish the Xmas shopping. And maybe tackle some other small things around the house.

And tomorrow is Xmas eve. With the usual activities reserved for that: last minute gifts, an informal family gathering. And then the craziness that is Xmas arrives.

It has been a good week. With the focus on tasks instead of on schedules and routine. Like I said, not exactly the way I would like to live all the time. But good enough for this week, and a satisfactory break.



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