A year of focus on the mind, now a different commitment #Mentalhealth

I have been selfish this past year. I have placed a premium on my mental health. Made that my principle focus in my plans, and what I do and don’t do. And it has made a real difference. But now it is time to turn to the other parts, work on body and spirit.

I really needed to get my mind straight this last year. Re-wire some mental practices. Establish some new habits. Recognize which ones were bad and try to eliminate them. And as I told the Doctor on Monday, it is much better now. I’m not saying I am cured, that is technically not possible when it is a chemical issue like mine. But what I do know now is how to manage it all. I am committed to  things like the journaling I do on this blog. Taking my medications. Making sure I get rest. And being selfish about my time, being sure I get my alone time. And do things I really love. All of that has made a huge difference in my life this year.

And now it is time to make a commitment to other things. Specifically it is time to carve out a little time in my life for my body and physical health. And in this case I think that Kim will join me in this undertaking, so long as we keep it simple.

I’m not saying I will be trying to run a marathon next year, or lose 100 pounds. I am being realistic about it. I am talking about carving out 30 minutes or so a day for some exercise. And making my diet a little more well rounded. Not anything drastic there either, just try to be a little more conscious of my intake, and reduce it some.

If you took the YMCA motto of Mind-Body-Spirit, then this is the year I plan to focus on the Body. I think it is time to work on that a little. Try to get things a little more in line.

I also have some ideas for working a little on the Spirit side of things. Mainly trying to carve out some time for some more one on one time with the kids (at least the younger ones.) And try to do some more family things. Like game nights, or movie nights, the occasional hike. Because that is what Spirit is to me, spending time with those I love and doing things together.

Building that shelf with Danny was an example of the kind of fun things we can do more of. There are all sorts of those kinds of little things that we could do that I think we could all benefit from.

That is my general plan for the upcoming year. It is a big one (the year not the plan.) My last year in my 40’s. And I would like to be more well rounded in my good feelings and health than I am now. That is my goal.


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