Eventful, fun, truly enjoyable weekend #Family #Mentalhealth

The weekend started off with a bang with a fun company holiday party. Then we had a productive morning getting stuff done around the house. Followed by a pleasant family gathering with my family, with plenty of catching up. On Sunday Jimmy and I went to Denver for our game, had a great time. Monday I worked from home so I could get to a doctors appointment, which went well. It was a good weekend.

Friday night was my company holiday party. In the past these have been a mixed bag. Some times fun, other times just flat boring, and others were uncomfortable. This was not one of those. It didn’t look like it would be good when we got there. The people that I wanted to sit with had already taken up all the places at a table so Kim and I wandered until we found a table in the corner, figuring we could just sit quietly. Until the local VP who is in charge of our local office sat down, followed by the company CEO and his wife. But that turned out to be a good thing, as they were fun, interesting people to sit with and enjoy time with. And I helped lead our table to victory in the trivia contest, demonstrating my mastery of obscure, useless information. So what looked like it could have been a disaster turned into probably the best company party we have ever attended.

Saturday the kids and I did some cleaning and picking up while Kim went to a Scout training event. Then we went over to my Dad’s house for a gathering in honor of my little brother being in town. It was a really nice gathering, a chance to see lots of people and catch up some more. After that we went home in the snow storm, cuddled up in front of a a fire and had a family evening. Decorating the tree.

I know that the plan was for Jimmy to stay home, due to his grades and mid week illness. But he did work hard to take care of all of his missing work. And, more importantly, Kim had some things planned for the day and having Jimmy around to antagonize the little ones would have made that time pretty much no fun for her. So I relented and took him with me to Denver. We had a really good time there, and a chance to talk over a number of things on the drive up there and back.

I had my 6 month follow up with my doctor for my Depression meds. Like I said last week, I knew that I wanted and needed them, and he agreed to just renew the prescription for a year. We also talked about some other stuff. Like my wanting to get back to working on my physical health to complement the work I have done on my mental health. It was a good appointment.

And now today the kids have a snow day, but a number of orders to follow at home. And I drove into work, which my car handled like a champ. Days like this make that expense to get new tires well worth it.

Overall, just feeling really good now. The Holiday break is coming up, I get the first week off with the kids. Where I will work on getting the house ready to host the various family gatherings. But I am not dreading the holiday gatherings like I have in the past, which is a good sign of progress. Like I said to the doctor, I’m not saying my mind is perfect, just better and under control, like the rest of my life.


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