A kind of weekend you need from time to time #Life

Began the weekend with a fascinating discovery about an interesting connection. Had some quiet down time revisiting one of my favorite movies. Got some needed things done with the kids on Saturday. Then some more shopping on Sunday. Celebrated the effective end of the college football season with some active channel surfing. It was a good weekend, and took a little of the edge off my temper.

Many years ago, after I graduated from college, I lived for a time with a friend of my mothers. We all lost touch with him for quite a while in the years that followed. On Friday his name popped up in Facebook as a suggested friend, which I did. And I noticed that we had a common friend, which I assumed was my Mom. Then I looked and it was not. In fact it was a friend of mine that I have known since 4th grade. So I messaged her, asking how she knew this guy. She said that he was her partner’s older brother. And in fact that I had met her partner all those many years ago. I think this is very fascinating, and it made me feel good.

Like I said I have known this friend since 4th grade. When we were in 6th grade she was my partner in our square dancing club (go ahead & laugh at the image of me square dancing.) Since then we have been running into each other off and on over the years. Including working for the same company for a couple of year. And sharing the same friends over the years. And now I find out that we have another connection. To me at least I find this sort of thing very cool.

Friday night when I got home I decided to pull an old movie off our shelf and watch it. The Last Valley, and old movie about the 30 Years War. It really is quite a good movie. And really captures the horrors of what was one of the worst wars in history. I had not realized that the story was written by one of my favorite authors as well. It was a good way to pass the evening.

Saturday Kim and Jimmy went to one of his wrestling tournaments. This is kind of the big tournament to start the club season, and is always very crowded and slow going between matches. So we decided to divide and conquer, and I was left with the little ones. I took the opportunity to do a project with Danny that he had been needing to complete for Scouts. We got the materials and built a small shelf. It was a fun little project that I just had not had time to work on with him. I was able to show him how to use the jigsaw and electric drill, which he was able to use again the next day as Mom came over to ask that a small dowel need to be cut in half. It was fun to see him get excited about doing that.


Sunday Kim and I did our customary Sunday shopping. Did some cleaning. And got the Xmas tree and put it up (not decorated yet, that is saved for another day.) Then relaxed and watched the Bronco game and our Sunday shows.

Yeah I watched a fair amount of football on Saturday and Sunday. Spent some time Saturday just doing the channel flipping between 4 different games. It is kind of fun to watch when you really have no rooting interest. And I could watch the Bronco game without getting emotionally sucked in.

All in all it was a good weekend, a kind of weekend we needed as a breather before the holiday craziness consumes us all. Nothing real dramatic going on, just some quiet time at home for most of us. Next weekend will be kind of crazy, and then the Xmas count down begins in earnest. So a calm before the storm was a good thing to have.



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