First they came for a congresswoman…

2011 A congresswoman, an elected official, was shot in a mass shooting, and we did nothing. 

July 2012 70 people were shot in a movie theater, and we did nothing. 

December 2012 20 children were killed, and we did nothing. 

Now, 350+ mass shootings inside of a calendar year, and we still do nothing. 

Our politicians say we should pray and send our good thoughts. 

The news tells us to not ‘politicize’ these events. That these are isolated events. That they are not terrorists committing these attacks. 

The gun owners and NRA lobbyists say it’s the Constitution, and nothing else can be done. 

I say that’s just not right. I say we can and should do something. So do something, call your elected officials. Elect new ones who will stand up to the death merchant lobby. Do something. 


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