Accentuating the positives from the weekend #MyCOS #Mentalhealth

I am thankful for having a splendid family and extended family. For good friends. For being able to focus on self care when needed. For kids who find ways to entertain themselves. And being able to put the rest out of mind when necessary.

Thanksgiving day was just like I expected. I raced around, getting things done, felt real good about all of that. And then it was full of people the rest of the day. I did my best to handle it all. And was pretty successful for the most part, soaking in football and movies in my quest to avoid other things.

Friday and Saturday I spent a good deal time watching TV. Binge watched the entire season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Which was good, enjoyable, although I did not enjoy it as much as Daredevil, but that probably stems from having some knowledge of the background story of Daredevil, and none of Jessica Jones.

Friday night we went and caught Mockingjay Part 2. Which was a good movie, very enjoyable. It wasn’t exactly a date night, as we had Jimmy along, with the little ones going over to a friends house. But it was a pleasant diversion.

Saturday we had our D&D game. Which went very well in my view. The boys are slowly coming around to the new techniques I am trying out. And enjoying the flow of the game for the most part.

Sunday Kim and I did the vast majority of our Xmas shopping. Which was more of a date time for us, to talk about different stuff. And have a nice lunch together. Then it was a quiet evening at home, with my doing my best to avoid getting sucked into the Broncos game. Which wasn’t easy. And I did end up following it through the ESPN app, just checking on the score. But that was still much better for me than watching it and getting all excited.

It was a good weekend for me. I got some things done around the house. Had some good fun activities. And did a good job of taking some self care, not letting events outside my control take over my life. That said, I will take some time here to rant about the current events that took place on Friday, but that can be skipped by not clicking on the Read More link.

I was taking a break from Jessica Jones, when I first saw the news of the attack. My first thought was of me and mine, was anyone around (thankfully no, although one friend was stuck in the grocery store.) Then it was just a matter of processing what was happening. And sadly, not being a bit surprised as the facts came out.

There just is no answer to these facts. They have to be accepted and addressed by this nation or this will continue to happen.

  1. A home grown terrorist attack is far more likely to kill Americans than any foreign based attack. Yes, 9/11 was one big incident. But if you total up the casualties of the mass shootings, bombed churches, actual bombings, home grown terrorists have inflicted far more damage on our country than ISIS, Al Qaeda etc could ever imagine.
  2. Guns are simply too easily obtainable in this country. You want to be safe? Cut that down. Background checks on every single purchase. And tax the hell out of the ammo sales.
  3. The rhetoric of leading politicians in this country has gotten completely out of hand. This attack can be laid directly at the feet of GOP politicians who attack Planned Parenthood and spout lies that have been widely discredited, with the media refusing to hold them accountable.
  4. You cannot claim this was avoidable if there had been a ‘good guy with a gun’. Not when 4 of the injured and one of the dead were armed, trained police officers,

I love my home town. And it has taken some serious body blows in recent years. Fires burning through sections of the city and county. Flooding as a direct result of the destruction of those fires. And now this year we have seen multiple mass shootings within the span of 2 months.

But I can sit here, and look out over a gorgeous view of snow covered mountains. Mountains that covered the best song written about our country. And I know that people here love our community. We will survive this, just as we have survived other tragedies and disasters. And maybe, just maybe, a new understanding can be found about our culture.



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