Yes, that was a great sigh of relief you heard

Ah yes, dropped the kids at school this morning (including Jimmy) and I can breathe a sigh of relief. Because after today they are off for a week. Which means I get a break from the morning routine for a week.Which is quite a relief.

I will be working 3 days next week, so I still have to go in to work myself. But in many ways that is a good thing for me. I learned a lesson from the 4 day weekend over Halloween that taking time off just to be with the kids while they are around the house is not what it used to be. It is actually less exhausting for me to come in to work. Even though we will be short staffed so in theory I will be taking more calls, but that is countered by the fact that it is a holiday week, so a lot of people will not be calling in.

This weekend will be a split in the family. Kim will be taking Jimmy to a club tournament, while I take Emily to a birthday party, and then find something for Danny and I to do. Then on Sunday I am running the D&D game for the boys. And in theory, somewhere in there we will try to get the house picked up so the kids will not have to do as much next week in terms of keeping it clean.

Last night Jimmy had his wrestling team banquet. It was cool to see all those kids get recognized. And the coach gave a lengthy spiel about Jimmy and what a good kid he is etc. It was good to see that recognition for all his hard work. And we did some recruiting for the Westside club as well. It is funny, we live close to one Middle/Elementary school, but our kids go to different schools. But in some ways we are closer to the kids at the local school. And definitely when it comes to wrestling I find myself cheering just for Westside kids, regardless of school. And next year it will be a moot point, as Jimmy’s peers will all be on the same high school team anyway.


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