It’s Friday, and I have plans, plans to have fun and breath

It’s a big weekend. A big weekend for Jimmy, as he has the District Middle School wrestling tournament this weekend. As for me, I plan to enjoy the wrestling, and then Sunday we have our Denver game. And if I get the chance I plan to divert myself in the down time with watching some Star Wars movies. Because for once there are no big house hold projects or events to deal with.

This is Jimmy’s last middle school District championships. I am nervous, because I have no idea how he will do. One of the realities is that he is at a pretty average weight class. That means that there is a lot of real good competition for him. And his season has been uneven due to illnesses and injuries. The unique thing about wrestling is that there is no way to get around experience and mat time. Some sports you can get better at by just getting bigger, more fit, faster, stronger. But in wrestling so much of what happens comes from technique that experience and mat time makes the biggest difference. And with the missed practice time for Jimmy he has suffered as a result.

Of course the other thing about the district championship is that it means spending the day in a crowded gym with lots of other people, which is not exactly my favorite thing.I will get through it, I usually do, but I will be glad when it is done.

After reading the Star Wars book I am inspired to undertake a project. I plan to re-watch all the movies, at least one a week, before the new movie comes out in about a month. Not that I haven’t seen them before, nor is it a question of my not knowing the story, it is just a matter of wanting to watch them again. It should be a fun diversion.

Sunday is our monthly Pathfinder game in Denver. Jimmy and I are both pretty excited to play. I know why they only play once a month, but it sure would be fun to play more often. We have a real good time at these games. And it is a good break for me, to get out of the house and some of the daily work that I have to deal with at home.

Like I said, this is the first weekend in a while where I am not trying to put something together, or complete a project, or host an event at our house. And boy does that feel good. It is a good break from being ‘on’ every weekend.

Yep my focus is to have some fun this weekend. Enjoy watching the wrestling. Enjoy my game break in Denver. And find some fun diversions at home instead of focusing on some project or event. Have fun and breathe, those are my focus points this weekend.


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