Just breathing through it, hiding behind my headphones #MentalHealth

I had a great plan. I took the next 2 days off so I could be sure to get in the kids parent teacher conferences, plus be sure to get them ready for Halloween, and it felt like I needed a little break. And then I was going to work from home today, since it is Wednesday anyway. Which meant that I would be out of the office for 3 days, plus the weekend. Not that the office is a terrible environment. But I can do certain things when working from home that I can’t do in the office (setting up a paint station at my desk is frowned upon.)

So I dropped the little ones off at school, had a quiet breakfast, and went home to get working. And the darn network connection refused to work! Just refused to allow me to connect. Which meant frantically packing up my stuff, filling up the car, and racing into the office. And therefore being late to work (something that I hate.) And now I am working, but my plans for the day are dashed. No easing into the time off for me.

But I am working through it. I have my headphones on, my head down, and just focusing on what I can do. And at least the kids will get to fully enjoy the internet and electronics when they get home today. And there will be a more recognizable break for me. And I will get some blogging done, which I normally don’t when working from home. Trying to count the upsides.

I will be fine, it is a temporary annoyance and set back. It is just hard to deal with those some times. But I am getting better at recognizing the real importance of things, and not letting the little crap consume me. It is progress of a sort.


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