This is why I do it, and thinking this could be an interesting weekend. #MentalHealth

In the past 2 days I have had 3 friends reach out to me to thank me and say how much they like my blog posts, which really makes me feel good. Thinking this could either be a very quiet weekend, or it could border on crazy. But I am going to do my best to focus on having another bye week, and get some other stuff done.

First, yesterday I was talking to one of the women I married, and she mentioned how much she likes reading my posts. That they make her like me more. And knowing that she has had her own experiences in this area made feel very good about this. (By married I mean that I performed her ceremony, in case you were confused.) Then another old friend from college reached out to me, telling me how much it meant to him to read my posts, and how I am coping with my issues. And last an old friend, whom I have known since 4th grade commented on how well I am handling things here on the blog. All of this really makes me feel good.

If I were to describe why I do this, one of my reasons is to share, and in sharing help ease the stigma that mental illness has in our culture. We here in this country are only slowly learning to accept that mental illness is no different from other illnesses. That it can affect anyone, and having it do so does not make that person any worse than if they had cancer, or some other physical ailment. It just is part of that person. And respecting that should just be a part of life. I would like to think that my kids have really embraced that lesson. Anyway, I thank those of you have reached out to me, and for those who haven’t but feel the same way I also thank you. In the words of our ancestors:


So Kim takes Danny off for a 2 night camp out in the mountains this weekend for Scouts. Other than possibly being very cold, and wet it should be fun for them. That leaves me at home with Emily, and the still dazed Jimmy. It starts tonight with my picking up Emily from her Fall Festival at school (thanks Grandma Connie for taking her.) And then it gets quiet. Except that I plan to get some cleaning done. I will help the kids in picking up the basement. And then I need to clean my car and get it in for an oil change. I am hoping that Kim will come home to a nicer house that what she will be leaving.

Of course the challenge in doing that is that we did invite some friends of Emily’s over for her birthday sleepover on Saturday night. Which could mean that I will be alone and outnumbered by little girls. But I can handle it, I have plenty of duct tape (kidding of course.) And Jimmy of course is still recovering from his concussion so he will not be doing much.

And in between I hope to get some more painting done, I have the bit between my teeth on that. And probably some binge watching of Vikings. And the one thing I will not do is sit and spend the weekend watching football. I intend to keep the bye week mentality going for another weekend.

And with that, have a good weekend, and remember we are all crazy in our own way, so don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly.


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