The weekend went pretty much exactly like I expected (and hoped)

That is how it is supposed to work. Everything working according to plan, people having fun, getting some time to relax, it is nice. Many hours were devoted to the watching of TV shows, to great enjoyment. There was wrestling, with mixed results. There were boys glued to a variety of electronics for an afternoon and evening. Shopping got done, with some surprises. And there was much fun to be had going to movies and playing games. And zero football was watched. Very satisfying weekend for all.

Jimmy’s wrestling went well over all, although he had some mixed results. He had a quick, overwhelming win against a rookie in his first match. Then got pinned when his more experienced opponent got him in a new hold. It was a good learning experience though. And his buddies got some victories, which was satisfying to see, as they are still relatively new to the sport. These middle school meets are very different from the Club tournaments, a more relaxed atmosphere.

Jimmy’s birthday overnight went very well. They had a good time swapping around the various electronic games. Playing Xbox, Minecraft, online games, phone games. I know it may seem oddly antisocial to those of us raised in different times. But if you are there, listening and occasionally watching, there is a lot of interaction going on. Certainly not much different from them sitting around watching movies. Sure it might have been nice to see them doing something outside, but 3 of the boys had all done some athletic event earlier in the day, and they are all pretty well adjusted so I am not really worried at all.

I binge watched through the end of the first season of one show, and then into the second season. Then Kim and I went through a good chunk of another series we are watching together. So that was nice, and no different from being glued to some football games in my opinion. We got some shopping done, got some needed supplies and a little head start on Xmas shopping. We picked up a nice present for Mom as a spur of the moment gift. So we got some quality time together as well.

Sunday Jimmy and I went up to Denver for our game. Which went very well, we had a good time, and completed our latest quest. Kim took the little ones to a movie and then they all got to relax at home for the afternoon, a well deserved one for Kim.

And yes, I managed to treat this weekend as a bye from football. Zero football was watched. Which felt good because I could feel myself getting sucked back into that old routine. It is much better for me to just follow the games via occasional score updates than to watch them. Because if I watch I tend to get sucked into it mentally, and then my mind cannot get away from it all.

So yeah, it was a good weekend. Fun events for everyone in the family. Got some things done that needed to get done. And most importantly everyone got a chance to relax and recharge.


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