Wrestling, gaming, binge watching TV, that’s my weekend plan

Every once in a while a weekend comes along that is full to the brim with activities. This is one of those weekends for me. Jimmy has a Saturday Meet, which should wipe out about 4 hours. This is the weekend of our Denver game. But tonight there are no family events or plans, so I have my own plan. And I will take a break from football again.

We have a scheduling conflict this weekend. Danny has a Scout event on Saturday, and Jimmy has a meet. Fortunately we were able to make plans for someone else to take Danny to his event, so that is taken care of. So we will get to concentrate on the Meet. We just have to find a way to keep Emily entertained during that time, but I am sure we can figure some options. I am excited to watch the meet, because it has been a while since I watched Jimmy wrestle and I get the feeling that he is really coming into his own.

Sunday is our Denver game. Which is always a highlight for us. It is fun to play, and share that with Jimmy. And the side effect is that I will not be watching the Broncos at all, and if I do it right I will not even be paying attention to the score. Which is good, I need a week without watching the NFL, my own bye week as it were. Because I can feel the creeping obsession and fanaticism coming back.

Saturday after the meet Jimmy will be having some buddies over for the night for his birthday sleep over. There was some talk that we might do the D&D game, but as one of the boys will not be there that will not happen. The down side is that pushes our next game out a little bit. As we would be short next weekend as well. I will have to improvise a little to get it all figured out.

Tonight though, is my night. No sleepovers, Kim will be out with her family. So I will be binge watching my way through one of my new favorite shows: From Dusk Till Dawn. Which is a show that is pretty much dead in the middle of my wheelhouse. It has gangsters, talk of religion, Mexican culture and heritage, and vampires, everything a growing boy needs.

So yeah, it is really a Me kind of weekend. I get a night to myself watching my TV shows. And then I get to watch Jimmy wrestle. And last I get to go to Denver to play D&D. And do all of that without spending any time on football, I am really pretty excited.


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