A tale of handling 2 kinds of day wrapped into one #Mentalhealth

Yesterday was Wednesday, my normal work from home day. I do that in order to get that time alone and to relax a little. But it is often like there are 2 different days rolled up in one, and yesterday was a great example. By the evening I was wiped out, but I got some down time, and a decent nights sleep, and moved on.

Like I said I work from home to get some time away from people, and the input I get from being in the office. Because when I work from home I can be ready for calls, and take calls, but in my down time I have more options. From painting, reading, watching TV, even cleaning and food prep. It is nice to have that break. And in order to minimize bandwidth it has also become a day without web browsing as well (which is not a bad thing.)

And yesterday that is how my morning went. I watched a show, did some reading. And did some painting. It was very relaxing, with no extra demands on my time. I made a lunch and ate before I took my actual break, then went for a walk on my actual break. It was quite nice.

But then the afternoon hit and things went berserk. My phone call volume picked up and became very frustrating as I had a hard time fixing the customers issues. Mom is having some work done on her yard and I was able to make a deal with one of the workers to put some of the rock she is having removed put on our driveway for our use. Well around the time Kim got home I was out talking to the guy and he said he could remove a big trash pile we had in our back yard. So then we had to try and get things organized for that. But I was also trying to take calls at the same time. And then the little ones got home, and the house got louder. And the calls got harder. It was almost too much to handle.

But things calmed down when I finished my work. Kim took the little ones to Scouts, I was able to just sit and relax. And when they got back I was all calmed down. And had a quiet evening. Took my sleeping pill and went to bed.

That last bit has made a big difference this week. I had run out over a week ago, but for some reason I was able to sleep normally last week. But over the weekend that stopped. So Monday I went and picked up some sleep aids, and that had made a big difference this week. I have been able to ride out some crazy days like yesterday, Jimmy dealing with a little stomach issue (without missing school thankfully) on Monday. Just being able to truly sleep has been a big deal for me.

And things like the next couple of weekends are coming into clearer view. It is all working out. Some times I just need to remind myself that things can and will do so, and it doesn’t take my overseeing every little piece of it for it to happen.


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