Time to reflect, a day short of 49 #Mentalhealth

Tomorrow I turn 49 years old. Yep, tomorrow is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! I truly think it will be an excellent birthday. I have plans for a nice breakfast, and I picked up some of my favorite food to cook for my birthday dinner. I will be working from home, but hopefully I will not have to run any errands on my lunch hour and I can devote my down time to me.

So I want to take some time today to reflect on the past year. Last year at this time I was still beginning to accept and realize some things about myself.

This has been a different year. My physical fitness has declined. I was forced to make some changes and seek help for some emotional issues.

That was all I had to say on the subject, which does not even begin to capture it all. And for this year I can summarize things in this way.

My physical fitness has continued to decline, but I kicked the caffeine habit, it has been 4 plus months. I am still working on sugar, but I have broken the soda habit for the most part. Only drinking it as a snack, or occasionally with a fast food meal. And I have recently begun to take baby steps in this area to salvage some physical well being.

The emotional and mental issues is where my growth has really come. The work that I had just started a year ago has progressed greatly. I am far more at peace with myself and my surroundings. I haven’t had any major depressive moments and only one serious anxiety driven issue in the past couple of months.

I have resurrected one major hobby, role playing, over the past year. And that has spurred a lot of fun, and driven a return to other activities. My time devoted to pursuits that I had no control over has declined, as I realized there was no reason to devote time to something that for the most part had a negative rather than positive affect.

Life at home had its challenges: flooding and general disrepair. The kids have all grown and are gradually getting their own personalities. Getting to know myself better has greatly enhanced my interaction with the kids as well.

And now I am at the point where I am truly feeling alive again. Enjoying life. Enhancing my own activities, and enjoying new parts of them.  And gradually beginning to come alive to new things, and new experiences. It has been a great year, a year of growth and discovery. And I truly look forward to more years like it.


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