It was interesting, and had to fall back on a crutch #Football #Mentalhealth

That was an interesting weekend. Friday night was relaxed, with Kim going out. Saturday did not do quite as much in the way of projects, but still got a lot done. Jimmy is back to normal, but an illuminating meeting says there is a lot of work to do. Sunday I was tired, and not really up for a family gathering, so I fell back on a crutch. But overall, it was a good weekend, with plenty of fun mixed in.

Friday night was a casual night. We had a movie rented, and I tried to watch it with the kids, but with their friend over they were a little too excited to sit still. But we got through it, then Jimmy watched it again on Saturday morning, and then Kim and I watched it again Saturday night after dinner. I also managed to finish the book I was reading, just in time for another to show up off hold from the library, which is always cool when that happens.

Saturday I kept the house mostly picked up after Kim did a whirlwind cleaning job Friday afternoon. Mom and I (with the help of Danny and Emily) switched out our back door lock. It was nice of her to give us this new one, which should make things a little easier, less worrying about the kids. Jimmy and I did get to the game store and picked out a figure for him to use in the new D&D game we are starting, along with some supplies I can use to work on some other stuff we have.

Jimmy is physically back to health, and this morning the feedback from the tests were all normal (no gluten allergy.) So he returned to school and wrestling practice. That said I sat in during his session on Saturday and it was very illuminating. I talk about how Danny is my mini me in a lot of ways. Well the session revealed how much Jimmy is my own reflection as well. Just in different ways. Danny is full of worries and anxieties, lacking in confidence. Jimmy, on the other hand, is all about control, and wanting things to be just so. Very driven (which he does not get from me) and wanting the people around him to meet his expectations.

We did make some agreements, about allowing him to sort out things like school work on his own. Limiting our supervision of his grades to a once a week check. Do our best to not pressure him on what is stressing him out. He did agree to try to be less vocal when he is getting frustrated by his games. And I will try to step up a little more during the D&D games, so he does not feel that he has to.

Speaking of relaxing and letting go, I watched a lot more football on Sunday than I have all season. I just wasn’t really up to doing much else in the morning before going over to a family gathering. And when the game was turned on there I pretty much just plopped myself down and watched, rather than socializing. I just was not up to doing that, so I fell back on the crutch of football. It wasn’t the end of the world, and there are worse habits to fall back on. But I will try to continue staying away from it as long as I am up to it and have any alternatives. Letting myself sit and watch was just a matter of self care, because I did not want to engage with some people.

It was a good weekend. Learned some good stuff. Did some good stuff. Had some really good food. Had fun, and relaxed, getting plenty of rest from the previous week. And now it is back to the grind for another week, but hopefully rested enough to do it all.


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