Yes, situation normal: busy, but handling it.

Sadly, Number 1 son still out of school. Yes, another busy afternoon for Kim. But I had my day at home yesterday. And Danny continues his own recovery. And it is October, and regular readers know what that means to my family.

Jimmy just cannot shake this. The thing about the Abdominal migraines is that unlike regular migraines there is no great medicine to take. Because the one real symptom is throwing up everything you take in: water, food, whatever. And the effects of that: weakness, hunger, tired, occasional cramping. So the only thing we can do is make sure he stays as hydrated as possible. Otherwise he just tries to be comfortable, and does what he can to keep up with school online. And then we just wait for it to pass. It really sucks, and yesterday we did some blood tests to check for other possible reasons behind the migraine.

Kim has one of those weeks. Every day there is a child related afternoon or evening event. Scouts, meetings, doctors, it is all there. She is so amazing to handle all of that. I know I couldn’t (well I would if I had to.) But it does wipe her out, so I just have to do my part at home to keep other things from cropping up that add to the work.

I had a good day working from home yesterday. Again I minimized the online browsing because my work uses up most of my bandwidth. Instead I read some, and got some more painting done in my down time. This has been an especially busy work week for me, so being at home at least reduced the stress a little. Other than having to devote lunch to a family project instead of going for a walk it was quite nice.

Danny has been up and raring to go for 2 days now, ready to go to school early on. I don’t know what he figured out on Tuesday morning during his time alone, but whatever it was I am super pleased. I am doing my best to reinforce his better attitude, calling him Superman or Superboy. It does my heart good to see him making steps in the right direction mentally.

And yest it is October, which heralds the ‘Month of birthdays’. Four fifths of the family have their birthdays within a 30 day span. I start, then Jimmy about a week later, then 2 weeks later is Emily, and a week after comes Kim (Danny is in April, our outlier.) We do our best to compensate. Jimmy and I share a family birthday party, and then Kim and Emily share theirs. The kids get a separate party for their buddies. But adding to the chaos this year is multiple Scout events for Danny, and wrestling tournaments for Jimmy. It’s going to be crazy, but I think we can handle it.

Yeah, life is pretty crazy right now. But we are doing our best to handle it. Taking each challenge as it comes, and trying not to let the chaos take us down.


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