A huge thank you, and then seeing the difference

First of all, I know I mention her a lot. And I know I rarely fail to acknowledge all that she does. But I want to take a moment this morning to say a


to my wonderful wife Kim.

This week was just a taste of what we can expect the rest of the school year. Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Wrestling, orthodontist/dentist appointments, now therapy appointments, she does it all. And she does all of this in the afternoons after putting in 8 hours of extremely physical, tough work. I don’t thank her enough for all that she does, so I will do it again here today.

Second, remember yesterday how I commented on how much trouble Danny was having when I dropped him off to school? By last night that was all gone, that appointment with the therapist made another big difference. And this morning he was just fine, getting dressed, none of the trials of stomach aches and need for multiple hugs of encouragement. It’s just amazing. And all the reassurance I need that that is time and money well spent. I just think that if he keeps this up, it will make his life so much easier, which fills my heart with joy.

And this weekend we have a few things on tap. I have the final night of the boys first adventure campaign. I plan to take a little time to emphasize that tonight, that this is just the end of their first campaign. It was a learning experience (for all of us) and just enjoy tonight. Tomorrow Jimmy has his first therapy appointment, which I think can help him. I can tell he is in that rough spot. He has his buddies his age, but not everything they do and like is in his wheelhouse. He has started to spend some time with his older cousin and his buddies, all older high school graduate age. And I get the sense that he is feeling a little torn between his less mature buddies, and this other group. He is at a tough age, where he may be more mature than his buddies, but is not any where close to being an adult. I just hope that the therapy will help him reconcile that. And of course help him figure out how to cope when he gets one of these illnesses or headaches.

Danny has a Scout campout Saturday night, so it will be a little quieter evening that night. It is events like this where I can really see the difference in him. He just wouldn’t want to go a year ago, certainly not without Mom or Dad. Just another little difference, like his 2 sleepovers last weekend.

And should be a quiet weekend as far as being lured into watching any football. There are lots of other things I can be doing instead. I have a couple of yard projects to work on at Mom’s and our yard that will help fill up the time. It should be a good weekend.


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