Time to add another one to the mix #Mentalhealth

First, I enjoyed another day working from yesterday. I do work, but even so it is almost like a day off in the middle of the week. So that practice is here to stay on school days from here on out. I am just more refreshed when I come into the office the next day, and it is a mental break. Which just makes my week much better.

Now to the big issue. Jimmy was sick a couple of weeks ago with a stomach bug that basically caused him to miss a week of school. He was having a hard time getting all the missed assignments turned in for whatever reason. As a result his grades were way behind. Well over the weekend and on Monday night especially we got on him about that, letting him now the consequences he would face if he did not get that straightened out. Here is where the problem arises.

He was upset about us reminding him of the grade issue. Then it turned out that he had borrowed a friends work to study, and somehow it got lost, and while looking for it on Monday night he get even angrier because he couldn’t find it. And as a result not only him but his friends grades would now suffer. He really worked himself into a lather.

Then Tuesday he called me around lunch time to say that his head hurt and he couldn’t make it through the rest of the day. And yes it turned into a full blown migraine that will result in his missing another 2 days of school (they have Friday off this week.) Which means he will be even farther behind, although we are being more proactive about getting his assignments so he can complete then over the extended weekend. There is still hope for his grades, and being eligible for wrestling. But he will have to work harder.

All of this indicated one thing to me. It is time for him to see a counselor too. I will ask on Saturday at Danny’s appointment if that counselor can see Jimmy as well. I think it goes beyond the normal teenage angst and crap. While Danny may have my anxiety and introversion, it appears that Jimmy may have inherited my temper. Of course that may just be his way of expressing a level of depression. Either way it is clear that he needs help beyond what we as parents are already giving him. He has that dragon in him that my uncle so perfectly described in the poem he wrote when Jimmy was born.

The time has now come to explain to you, James,

Why you were given that name, of all names,

Your parents, who named you, did not really know

Why you had to be “James”, and what makes it so.

But each one of us has a secret you see,

Which determines what kind of person he’ll be,

And, if you’re a James, well, deep down inside

Is a boogery place where your dragon does hide.



Every James has a dragon, indeed, it is true,

And because you’re a James you will find-so do you.

Do not believe anyone, not in the least

Who tells you a dragon’s a mythical beast,

For, as sure as you’re James, I’m sure you will find

The magnificent dragon who lives in your mind,

In a place where you think and wish and you feel,

Your personal dragon there.  And he’s real.

Dragons can be powerful, fearless and bold 

When they are constrained to do what they’re told.

But dragons untamed, and this is most sad,

Can think and do things that are terribly bad.



For a James to be happy, successful, and bright,

His dragon must learn what’s wrong and what’s right.

Thus, what kind of dragon your dragon will be,

Only you can determine, it’s not up to me

Or to anyone else.  You’re the one who must train

That remarkable dragon, which can be a pain

When you tighten the reins to bring under control

A hot-headed dragon when he’s on a roll.

But, when you control him, there’s nothing that you

And your Jamsian dragon, together, can’t do!

So-early in life you need to be brave

And openly face the beast in the cave.

He’s your dragon, your friend on life’s glorious quest.

If you tame him, you’ll both be the best of the best.

And it is clear that he needs help (like so many of us do) learning to tame that dragon. Because while a temper can create problems on it’s own, it is even worse when you can work yourself into one of these terrible headaches or illnesses.


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